- My first white Boxer -

  Casper the day I said goodbye to her...

January 7, 1990 - June 29, 2003

This is "Casper's" page. She has gone to the "Bridge". She was my very first white Boxer. Casper lived to be 13.5 years young when she died of liver failure. The day I helped her cross over, we walked to the pond and enjoyed our beautiful breezy sunny day. Being too far inland we never get seagulls at our home but this day, as we sat by the pond together for the last time, the sky suddenly was full of white gulls! The birds came down very close to Casper as she sat by the pond's edge as she quietly watched them surround her. Then, as mysteriously as they came, they left and we have never seen them here again since that day. It was a surreal moment and I have no doubt those gulls were meant for my Casper that day...

Casper was never bred, as I do not support breeding of white Boxers. I do not believe in culling them, and have always fought to educate people about the white Boxer. White Boxers make wonderful, loving pets. I do not find any more health problems with the white Boxers verses the brindle or fawn colored Boxers. White Boxers are Boxers through and through, white being merely a color just like fawn or brindle. I guarantee my white puppies the same as any colored puppy I place.

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