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I have been breeding since 1990 and have been involved with both English Labrador Retriever and the Boxer breed although I have owned Boxers most of my life. I breed both companion pets and show quality dogs and have produced AKC Champion English Labradors and Boxers. I am a career vet tech with over 30 years experience in my field.

All of my dogs are screened for cardiomyopathy and thyroid conditions. I Holter each dog, (See BCM Info), at 1 year and then each consecutive year. I also have my dogs tested by Echo Doppler/Ultra-sound, EKG performed by a Board Certified Cardiologist. All dogs are checked by way of Auscultation.

My puppies are placed to selected loving homes only. I only have puppies occasionally. I am not a puppy mill or BYB, so the breedings are done selectively and with many considerations in mind.

My boxer kids are bred for health, temperament, conformation and type. I feel that health and temperament is equally as important as type, if not more so. If you are looking for a friend, then the boxer is for you. They require lots of attention and lots of love and demand to be one of the family. I always tell people, "If you are not looking for another family member, then the boxer is not for you."

I will be happy to answer any boxer related question you may have, feel free to email me. I will also breed to outside bitches with the proper health testing done. I also ship with special considerations.

Thank you for visiting,

Christie Waite

About Manatee County

Update! Fall of 2011- Living in Manatee County has been a nightmare for us.  We moved here to Myakka City, a place of sprawling farms and agricultural land. We are 30 min to the closet store. My dream of breeding Champions and showing my dogs has come to a sad end after 9 years here.

 Manatee is not a dog friendly county unless you are just a pet owner, a hunter with your hunting dogs, or a farmer with your farm dogs, chickens, sheep, horses or cows.  It doesn’t matter if you neglect to take care of your dog even if you have litter after litter until the dam dies or let your intact male run at large, and it doesn’t matter if you have 50 dogs as pets or if you put “Free Puppy” signs all over the place. It only matters if the county thinks they can suck your money and life out of you. 

 I was sited by CODE Enforcement because I didn’t have an AP Permit.  What’s that you ask?  It’s an Administrative permit for anyone who uses dogs for conformation showing, Obedience, tracking, and agility when that person owns 8 dogs or more. It’s not hard to own 8 dogs when you are showing or breeding. Breeders have old dogs who are their house pets, puppies waiting to see if they will turn out nice enough to show, dogs waiting to health test to see if they fit into the breeding program, and dogs on the road with a handler being shown.. This County said they could care less about health testing or what kind of breeders we are and never even asked for a Rabies certificate. It was about the mighty dollar, not about being a responsible breeder or producing healthy puppies. This is why pet stores are so valuable, because the politics are running good breeders out every day one by one.

 Without getting into all the craziness and to try to give you a much condensed version,  I contacted my county commissioner’s office of Donna Hayes which was a huge disappointment. I got nothing but the run around and the promise of help not to be fulfilled.  I hired a lawyer and after paying for county fees, permitting, planning boards, environmentalist and county heath dept, greasing every hand I could, I spent over $20,000…  Every year I have to have my water tested and a permit displayed on my refrigerator that my water is safe in case someone comes to my house to wash their hands. I also stood and humbled myself before the Manatee County Dog Club to basically be told they did not want to be involved.  How many of the professional handlers/breeders and trainers live out here. Never know who’s next, after a quick Google search I came up with over 100.. 

I received my permit after 3 long years of stress, hell, and money, and yes, I could continue to breed my 1 litter a year or 100 litters a year with my trusty permit, but I have a full time job as a career veterinary technician and the heart and desire is gone out of my beloved hobby to breed healthy pets and show prospects.  I have 3 dogs in my care that live with me personally; all others are with friends or have been placed in pet homes.

 Please reconsider moving here if you are thinking about Manatee County in Florida and if you plan to have dogs for any purpose other than a pet.  Things are not as they seem here in this “good ol boys club”.

Christie Waite

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